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Ohio Club

In 1905 Ohio Club first opened as a Bar and Casino for the town of Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was during the gilded age of Great Gatsby like parties and Ohio Club became a hot spot in the town quickly. During the early 1900's Hot Springs was a training ground for Major League baseball in the spring and the club became flooded with famous players including the famous Babe Ruth. The establishment hosted gambling legally until 1913 when anti-gambling laws were passed. Although legal gambling stopped the Ohio Club still ran casino and sports books till 1967. The Ohio Club is also known for it's mob affiliation in the early 1900's and especially when prohibition came in force in 1926. Famous mobster to visit the establishment include Al Capone, Bugsy Segal, Bugs Moran, Lucky Luciano, and more! During the prohibition the name of the club to the Ohio Cigar Store. They sold cigars in the first 10 ft of the store and then had two doors upstairs to the speakeasy casino upstairs. Even a little after the prohibition ended the club continued to be called the Old Cigar Store for a period of time until it was changed back.

Today the Ohio Club is still as popular as ever. They host live music seven nights a week and serves some of the best cocktails in town. They're most famous food is their hamburgers including options like the Big Al Double Cheeseburger, The Ohio Burger, Holy Guacamole Burger, Southwest Burger, Mushroom Swiss Burger, Hawaiian Burger, Old Fashioned Burger, Fried Mushroom Veggie Burger, California Garden Sliders, and the Patty Melt. They also have a sandwich menu which has options like Grilled Chicken, Reuben Sandwich, Southwest Chicken, Hawaiian Chicken, the Bugsy, and Sausage & Kraut bowl. This is a must-eat for its lively atmosphere as well as its historic significance to Hot Springs, Arkansas. 

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